My Grandma’s Memes
My Grandma’s Memes was developed to help give an understanding of an internet concept to non-internet users as well as expose internet users to the ideas, concepts and culture of non-internet users.

In order to develop My Grandma’s Memes, I sat down with my grandma and taught her about memes. I then had her create her own analog version of a Meme (within a set of clearly defined parameters). My grandma chose the theme of “jerks” for her memes and created six different representations to convey what a jerk was to her. With a set of memes provided by my grandma, I repeated the process with another group of people unfamiliar with internet culture. I used the same images that my grandma had chosen to represent jerks to maintain conceptual consistancy with Internet memes. New participants redefined the images that my grandma had chosen in the context of themselves. From there, I created a website,, where people can follow simple instructions to repeat the process and post their own Memes the the sites Meme gallery. By having internet users engage non-internet users in an activity that is mutually beneficial, it is possible to bring people closer together to foster a better understanding of one another.

Concept, design, typography.